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During Summers of 2011 thru 2015, each year DC youths as researchers collaborated and produced of a total 5 documentary videos, now  time capsules of the past with their own  disappearing histories, the youths investigated the landscape concealing the remains of African Americans enslaved and freed persons who contributed to the development and prosperity of the nation's capital and at the same time sharing their voices and reflections on the disappearance of their homes, life buried in the explosion of gentrification in the District of Columbia. The documentary videos produced each year by  DC youths are available for virtual screening or with a live exhibition. 

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"Perhaps the most successful aspect of this project was the ability of the producers to blend archival footage with interviews from local people who were able to provide a personal and professional perspective on the African American experience in the District of Columbia."

Dr. Edna Medford, History Professor and Department Chair of History, Howard University

"What strikes me the strongest are the repetitive cycles of memory and amnesia, whether intentional, accidental, willful, or casual. And how the different narrative threads can exist at the same place and time about the same subject."

Mr. C.R. Gibbs, DC Historian and Co-Author of Black Georgetown Remembered

"The video captures the personal journey of Khari Eyen Zame Johnson as he morphed from a nascent historian discovering African American history by researching a forlorn cemetery to a more mature participant in a multi-disciplinary research project. I feel the Mr. Johnson was successful in his attempt to communicate his view on the challenges in doing and living African American history, The interviews with established scholars like C.R. Gibbs and venerable elders like Mr. Bowman allowed me to see Mr. Johnson as the next generation of a

long line of scholars."

Ruth Trocolli, DC Chief Archaeologist


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